Reviline Peptid Nanotech cell cosmetics

NPCRIZ presents the unique peptide-based cellular cosmetic group, which is the joint product of our company, the Bio-regulation and Gerontology Institute of the University of St. Petersburg and the chemical-biological network "Vita". These products are based on different complex peptide groups that have visible and invisible skin-rejuvenating effects. The used peptide complexes promote the intensive regeneration of the skin cells, the reconstruction of the unhealthy tissue to perfect skin, the smoothing of the wrinkles, the blood pressure and microcirculation, as well as the synthesis of collagen and elastin of the skin. This reflects in the improvement of the flexibility, texture, color and hydration of the skin. Among the components of Reviline there can be found very strong natural antioxidant complexes (superoxide dismutase) as well as their organic indicators which are obtained by biological production. These products have antioxidant, immune-modulatory, UV-protective, radiation and anti-tumor effects. Furthermore they significantly accelerate the detoxification processes and the regeneration of the skin cells. The combination of natural peptides and super oxides dismutase is a new phenomenon in the revitalization and in the cellular cosmetics.

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