Compliment Cosmetics


There is a product group elaborated for the treatment of the skin. This is called COMPLIMENT Cosmetics. The effectiveness of this product group has been proved by therapeutic and cosmetic testing that took place in the leading dermatological institutes of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The KOMPLMENT creams’ main component contains physiologically active peptides that affect in a complex way the different skin cells. The physiologically active peptides are those components of the creams that are extracted from animal tissues. These peptides are suitable for restoring the metabolism of the skin cells and are able to keep it on an optimal level. The effectiveness of the peptides has been proved by several researches. The component peptides of KOMPLIMENT creams are so small that they can penetrate even the deepest skin strata. The peptides formulate a unique amino acid chain that has an” information transmitter” role. They penetrate the skin cells and the peptides stimulate the synthesis of the necessary active substances in biologically adequate time, taking into consideration the special peculiarities of the organism. They transmit the information to the cells and start the self-regulating processes that are due to the changes caused by age changes and to the external, aggressive impacts. The KOMPLIMENT creams, thanks to their unique components, guarantee the extraordinary effectiveness of their use. The natural base of the cream, i.e. olive oil, ensures the flow of the active substances that the skin strata need.