Blood-space dual laser

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Blood-space semiconductor laser oxygen concentrator

The main causes of cardiovascular diseases caused by blocked micro-circulation is disorders of oxygen delivery. The delivery of oxygen is inhibited with fats or other undesirable substances in the blood.


Blood-space semiconductor laser oxygen concentrator

The main causes of cardiovascular diseases caused by blocked micro-circulation is disorders of oxygen delivery. The delivery of oxygen is inhibited with fats or other undesirable substances in the blood. The laser nasal irradiation normally helps the arrangement of red blood cells, as a result more oxygen are able to be transported in the direction of certain organs and tissues. The Blood-space device is a laser therapeutic instrument, which may be helpful for heart-cerebrovascular diseases. A treatment with Blood-space semiconductor laser device carries out a similar effect like intravenous blood irritation. Blood-space semiconductor laser device produces laser wavelength of 650 nm, adjustable intensity: 3, 4, 5 m W. It is irradiated blood throughout nasal cavity and wrist veining.

Light or radiation? 

In the case of the semiconductor laser, we speak of ray-treatment, because the light is essentially electromagnetic radiation /waves. In addition, there is the nature of material. The semiconductor laser device produces wavelength of 650 nm electromagnetic radiation, but perhaps there is a more conceivable explanation: this is the wavelength of a red wavelength of light. The power of 3.4 or 5 m W falls in that category, which does not cause damage to the body precursor cells when are irradiated. An exception of the eye, that should be protected and not be unnecessarily exposed to the laser beam, or in other words to the effect of the coherent light. This risk does not exist in the case of normal red light, that in the case of non- coherent electromagnetic radiation. However, its use is not as effective as the laser light For example, the nasal cavity with normal red light irradiation may help with hay fever, but the laser can achieved better results. The laser photons are like small acupuncture needles, and can also act like this. Therefore, the laser beam is more and more often used in acupuncture treatment, replacing the traditional acupuncture needles. Only the laser photons are able to separate the red blood cells. The bio lamp polarized light beam represents the transition between the normal light and laser light. We can speak of broad-spectrum light because of the broader wavelength beside quasi-monochromatic light. The 650 nm red laser light is suitable because it absorbs in blood thanks to its property.

Since blood is influenced by all our organs, blood and its most important properties influence our state of healthy radically, including those effects on well-being as well as the physical and mental endurance, and how we to look like. The easy way to measure our keep-fit if we go up to the second floor without resting and observe how we can feel. If you are panting after such a journey and feels that his heart almost jumps out of the chest, shortness of breath, or you cannot go upstairs at one go, you had better pay attention it to your health. Decide now that you care more about yourself and do something for your body. To improve the quality of our bodies in order to achieve even greater impact, you should do sports, exercise and lead a healthy, balanced diet, as well as avoid bad habits, such as smoking and have limiting alcohol consumption, etc.

The semiconductor laser application can help:

1. Cardiovascular problems: 
You should need the semiconductor laser, if you eat unhealthily and there are lots of fat or bad cholesterol in your body. The regular use of semiconductor laser can dissolve the blood fat and reduce cholesterol. Risk factors: unhealthy diet – alcohol consumption - lack of physical activity - smoking - overweight - obesity - stress - high blood pressure - high cholesterol.  The ratio of LDL / HDL cholesterol is improved.

A. Persons prone to heart attack:
If you are over 35 years, lead stressful lifestyle and unhealthy diet and your life is lack of exercise, or you have excessive sugar, salt and fat intake,. These factors may lead to vein deposition - is just a step away from the threat of heart attack. A heart attack can also cause blood clots that clog the coronary artery but can cause decreased blood or oxygen supply to some parts of heart muscle. We can prevent this by using a semiconductor laser. The semiconductor laser (the nasal cavity laser irradiation) can dissolve fat and can improve the body's oxygen supply.

B. Patients with heart attacks and cardiac infarction
The use of the semiconductor laser can reduce the risk of relapse. The semiconductor laser may dissolve fats, improve the body's oxygen supply and this way it can regenerate the entire cardiovascular system as well.

C. Stroke patients 
The fact that Semiconductor Laser can improve the oxygen supply to the brain, it can help damaged cells to be renewed in the brain and throughout the body. It can help the fast convalescence and prevent relapse. If a stroke is involved into certain centre (nervous or physical centre), the semiconductor laser can support the healing process.

D. thrombotic patients 
Thrombosis is a very dangerous disease, because it can clog blood vessels. The effect of the semiconductor laser can inhibit the formation of blood clots and the development of inflammation

E. Thrombotic patients
Hypertension is caused by excessive fat intake and a high blood cholesterol levels, stress, atherosclerosis, etc. Most of the men over 35 at risk who are overweight or obese. High blood pressure can cause a heart attack.  The semiconductor laser can also help in prevention, as well as in case of a disease it can be a complementary treatment. You can use the Semiconductor Laser irradiation in not so complicated cases once a day, 4 m W strengths, 30 min, 2x daily in chronic complaints, 4-5 m W strengths for 30 minutes under a daily control of blood pressure with the cooperation of the treating physician.

2. Patient with sleep deprivation or sleep disorders
Sleeping can be improved after six weeks of the first semiconductor laser application. For longer-term use sleeping can return to normal. The regeneration takes place faster during sleep.


3. Travellers and chauffeurs/drivers
If you travel a lot the semiconductor Laser can improve the body's oxygen supply to the brain so the brain can cope with fatigue easier. With the semiconductor laser concentration can be improved at the wheel.


4. Stressful job holders – i.e. managers
If the brain can get enough amounts of oxygen, more thoughts and ideas are able to be produced and the nervous system can cope with stress. The mental performance, ability to focus, memory, creativity and even intelligence are enhanced as well.

5. Students 
The adequate blood supply to the brain improves memory as well. If you study long hours and you are not able to memorize things it is possible that the brain does not receive enough oxygen. Instead of/besides taking nutritional supplements, you should use the semiconductor in your nose.

6. The elderly
Elderly people often forgot things. Since the organization's load capacity is not as good as the normal people in good health, the oxygen supply is weakened. The use of the semiconductor laser can improve not only the oxygen supply to the brain but also reduce the sugar levels, increase metabolism and restore the digestive, nervous and lymphatic systems.

7. Diabetics 
The semiconductor laser can reduce accompanying symptoms of diabetes by improving capillary circulation.


8. Patients with desire for losing weight, obese patients
After using the laser beam fat dissolved deposits in the body could be reduced and metabolism can be speeded up.


9. Allergies, eczema
Patients with allergies and eczema and asthma can experience reduced complaints.

10. Acne and Skin Diseases
Acne or acne scars can be treated with laser beam superficially, as we can achieve even better effect in this way than just at the nasal cavity applications. The laser will become very important for treatment of skin diseases and it has become crucial in beauty salons.

11. Joints 
Due to the improved blood supply nutrition of joints the effect can be improved and more oxygen and nutrients can be delivered into the locomotive system’s most important parts.

12. Leg swelling 
It is able to be decreased namely due to the improvement in renal function and effects described above. Legs micro-circulation and nutrient supply to the legs can be developed and patient with cold feet symptoms can feel the warmth in their legs and they can take longer distances and experience pain reduction.

13. Vision Corrections
Several people have experienced vision improvement in sharpness and eye, loss of blurred vision - if this was the cause of poor nutrition of the eye.

Contraindications: blood clotting disorders (decreased blood clotting) haemorrhage diseases, pregnancy / monthly period, direct irradiation of the eye, the retina irradiation carcinoma and malignant tumours or untreated epilepsy. direct irradiation of the neck or thyroid gland and its hyperthyroidism frequent bleeding and serious blood loss, and inhibitor the immune system, pacemaker, under 14 years of age, light sensitivity, gland - caused by congenital or drugs

What other effects are on the blood inside – namely, irradiation on the skin?

The use of laser more oxygen, nutrients can get into all of the cells. In addition, the semiconductor laser irradiates the ends of the meridians as well as acupuncture points in this area of ​​the nasal cavity and so it controls the vital energy to the brain. In this way, the operation of glands are normalized which is e.g. important in the case of acne. Fat glands can be gradually restored. By the external irradiation of the inflamed points the recovery can be shortened.

What about weight reduction? 

As the semiconductor laser can activate the enzymes, it can promote the exchange of nutrients and provide more energy to the body – it can be in the form of faster glucose degradation or more ATP (adenosine- triphosphate). Consequently, we may lose weight more easily and can reach our goal sooner. Energy is more accessible during motion.

We suggest that during weight reduction you should use the semiconductor laser wet to 5 m W strength for 30 minutes increase the vitamins, minerals and fluid intake. Avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages that can also boost weight loss. The amount of calories are absorbed in the diet varies between individuals depending on the daily energy expenditure. The split diet can also help.


1. Do not look directly into the optical device ray.
2. Children can only use the device under adult supervision
3 In the beginning of the therapy, elderly patients and sensitive patients are recommended to have short-term and low-intensity treatment. As the body gets used to the treatment, the intensity can be increased. Use 1-2 times a day, each time for 30 minutes.
4. During the treatment period, a proper diet can be improved with adequate exercises 
5. Only use the special charger supplied.
6. The nasal part must be changed when different persons use the device. After disinfection, the nasal part can be used again.
7. The therapy and drug dose prescribed by your physician must not decrease or discontinue without the doctor’s permission!

The device work only with the Blood dual-Space Laser! 

The laser light is more other than the light used in everyday sense. The secret of high degree of efficiency lies in its high power consistency. The soft-laser brings the best result in the case of locomotors system.

The following diseases can be treated with soft laser:

eroded joints (osteoartrosis) arthritic lesions (synovitis), muscle pain (malign, fibromyalgia) other diseases of bone loss (osteoporosis), intervertebral disc disease (hernia), vertebrae (spondylosis, spondylophytosis), tendonitis (tendinitis, tendovagintis) tennis elbow (epicondylitis), bunion cased by flat feet (hallux valgus, pes planus), shoulder pain (periartritis humeroscapularis) injuries, post-operative conditions.

What affects the laser on the cells?

The laser beam properties allow that biochemical processes is stimulated and induced in the living body's cells. Put simply: everything is determined on cellular level all, all the organs and the whole body can only be healthy if a cell metabolism is smooth.  If lack of oxygen occurs on cellular level namely hypoxia and acidosis in other words acidic pH range happens.

The soft-laser therapy through the respiratory chain activation in the cells improves cell metabolism, causes pH increase, so an organ improves its blood circulation and reduces pain and muscle spasm. The laser has direct effect on cells; there is also a cooperative effect improving metabolism for cells around. Only those activated cells are stimulated that need therapy ,it does not activate cells functioned normally.

The soft-laser biological effects: it helps cell regeneration, decreases inflammation, stimulates the immune system, improves circulation, helps cellular nutrient intake. clinical The clinical effects of soft-laser: reduces analgesia, shortens wound healing and bone fracture recovery and reduce muscle tension. There is no locomotors system where the soft-laser should not be used, with high efficiency, side effect-free, at a time if other electric therapy should not be used.

It can be acute and chronic arthritis, painful backache caused by osteoarthritis, muscle pains (myalgia, fibromyalgia), soft tissue disorders (tennis elbow, PHS, tendonitis), the flat feet bunion and heel bone spurs.

Pains caused by vertebral disc degeneration are becoming more common at a young age group as well (such as lumbago, lumboischialgia) - experience shows fewer operations are needed when soft laser therapy is completed with drugs, homeopathy and ear acupuncture.

The soft-laser therapy benefits: it is pain-free, shortens recovery period in case of unsuccessful therapy or its contraindications, it can be combined with other therapies e.g. TEP. A patient with metal implants and pacemakers can be participated in effectively. There is no side-effect, prescribed medicines can be reduced or even sooner omitted. Important to know, ink mole, fungal skin, thyroid area, breast area and cancer area may not be treated with laser. In case of unexplained febrile disease the treatment is also prohibited, as well as during pregnancy on hypogastric area, and spine area. The investigation of initial disease caused pains is always needed.

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Blood-space dual laser

Blood-space dual laser

Blood-space semiconductor laser oxygen concentrator

The main causes of cardiovascular diseases caused by blocked micro-circulation is disorders of oxygen delivery. The delivery of oxygen is inhibited with fats or other undesirable substances in the blood.