Peptide BIO-Regulation


Directing the human aging process is a real perspective according to current scientific researches. This approach is based on bio-regulator system carried out by cellular mediators called peptides. Among the functions of the peptides is the exchange of information throughout the interaction of cells such as endocrine systems, nervous and immune systems, the reconstruction of organs and tissues, restoration of the dissolved functions and regulation of gene activity.

How do peptides work?

The short peptides link to the well-defined and appropriate parts of the genes, causing the opening of the DNA molecules and the deciphering of the data they contain to correct the tissue, namely to prevent anomalies occurring in cell division.



The first scientist to produce natural peptide for the first time was Professor Khavinson, the world-renowned gerontologist. The highly-efficient technology, which was an absolute novelty of the Bio-Regulation and Gerontology Institute of St. Petersburg allowed the creation of a new class of bio-regulators including 9 unique peptide products, the peptide chain liquid, which is unique in the world, the family of mesotel products and the cellular cosmetics exclusively for our company by Dr. Khavinson. These products are highly effective and have no side effects. We can say with certainty that these products are the result of scientific work of Professor Khavinson and are unique and invaluable. Regarding prices, we can say that with respect to their quality the prices are very favorable.

The high-efficiency technology and complete new development of the Institute of Gerontology and Bio-Regulators of St. Petersburg renders possible to extract fractions of small molecular weight peptides from the body and tissues of young animals, calves. This allows to our company to create exclusive products, thanks to the work of Professor Khavinson, the following products bio-regulators peptide in capsule:

  • Bio-regulator peptide in capsule
  • Liquid Bio-regulator peptide
  • Mezotel product for internal use
  • New generation products for sustaining the active life.
  • ReviLine nanotech cosmetics product family
  • Ayurvedic tea blends of (fitothé).
  • A series of aromatic tea “Ideal shape”.
  • Products for hygiene of mouth and teeth.

The use of the products described here does not replace the medical examination and medical treatment!

The products have no side effects, and affect rapidly. We can say with certainty that these products are the result of scientific work of Professor Khavinson and are unique and invaluable and due to their effect on tissue reconstruction, are unsurpassed.

Important note!!!
We would like to emphasize that the young calves that help the work of scientists are not guinea pigs and no pain is caused to them in any circumstances.

Why to use natural peptide instead of synthetic peptide?

The concept of the synthetic peptides: The synthetic short peptides are almost completely analogous to the natural peptides, but they are simpler, as the "synthetics" is not the image of a complete bio-regulator peptide, but only the reflection of the combination of peptide and DNA on the main part.This means that by the term ‘synthetic peptides’ we mean the image of the sequence of amino acid that is present in the molecule of the natural peptides. Such refinement has real impact in very short time. The "synthetics" work fast and hard, so it may happen that the tissue can not regenerate as quickly, and the patient complains about unpleasant feelings in the targeted organs, where the peptide begins to exert its corrective effect. This is not a side effect, but a completely normal and temporary phenomenon, but it requires the order of the dynamic dosage.The situation is even more complicated when it is not just about a group of synthetic peptides for internal use, but includes a synthetic mixture, the peptides for external use, active components and transdermal executors. Therefore, basing on the colleagues' experience the following task lay before the researcher in late 2008: the creation of new natural peptide-complexes that act at least as fast as the "synthetic" ones, but without inconvenience.

The natural short peptides: According to our latest findings the specific short peptides in the tissue bound to the exactly defined parts of the corresponding genes unfolding this way the DNA molecules and reading the data found in these molecules. The passage of time and walk of life leads to the lack of peptides, which accelerates the usage of the tissues and the aging of the organism significantly. For proper function of cells and tissues there is need for a fair amount of peptides in order to maintain the function of genes in an optimal operating mode. The active peptides are synthesized in these different cells. Therefore, with the progression of aging, the functioning of various cells dissolves leading to the dissolution also of the peptides. Consequently the cells are damaged repeatedly. The tissue degeneration spreads, which ultimately means a clinical case. Therefore, the use of short peptides is one of the most important innovations in medicine. Through it, it is possible to significantly slow down the aging process by stimulating the proliferation and regeneration of tissues, cells and by increasing the number of the cells. Another major advantage of the peptides is their anti-tumor effect. Currently, the use of peptides is the best compromise solution in terms of prevention and revitalization of tumor diseases, because they provide a way for the regeneration of cells and tissues. This is not obtained only by the regulation and coordination of the cyclical processes, but also by the possibility of increasing the capacity to tissue-regenerating, regular cell division.

We know by experience that the short regulatory peptides do not transform in the digestive system, so they can be used by anyone, because they have no side effects. The natural peptides exert their effect uniformly, because there is need for a certain amount of peptides for the feedback from the tissues (homing effect) in order to fill the lack where necessary. The cells start to recreate their normal functioning “stopping the swing and directing all processes to the happy medium” (V. Kh. Khavinson, 2009)