Use of peptide products


”General” use and application of peptide-base products and other useful information The use of liquid peptides (the ones with PK code) is the following:

Everyone can use the most suitable liquid peptide product depending on the treated disease. It should be applied on the forearm. The two forearms should be rubbed together and massaged together until complete absorption, i.e. until complete dry. The first day should be started with 3 drops applied during the morning hours (and not before sleep), once per day. The following days the starting quantity should be continuously raised by one drop and be raised to a maximum of 8 drops within 10 days. I.e. the first day 3 drops, the second day already 4 drops, the third day 5 drops should be applied and so on, until the maximum of 8 drops is obtained. The maximum quantity is only a suggestion, everyone can decide on the quantity based on the gravity of their problem. (In case of mild illnesses 5 drops are sufficient). When more products are used one after the other, this procedure should be repeated one by one. A maximum of 5-6 types of liquid peptides should be used at the same time. (Wait 1-1 moment between the applications of the different drops). The overdose of the maximum quantity cause no problems as these products do not extinct one of the other’s effectiveness and do not overload the organism as they are natural products. The quantity of drops is indicated only in order to avoid waste. Following the application the agents of the products enter to the blood and start to act intensively. After approximately 15 minutes they arrive to their target and start to promote the cell divisions. The product is created the way that it targets the given organs. The liquid peptides can be used as treatment course for 3 months. After a break of 1 month the treatment can be restarted (depending on the health status) and can be repeated 2-3 times per year. As all the systems of our organism are linked to each other (they are based on each other), the simultaneous support of more problematic systems intensifies efficiency, therefore due to the mutual support in healing between the different organs, the improvement can be faster.

The above mentioned applications contain only”general” information! Please, contact in every case our competent colleague for personalized opinion and recommendation concerning the suitable use of the products. The contact of our competent colleague

The use of peptides in capsule:

You should start the targeted treatment using the peptides in capsule 10 days after the start of the treatment with the liquid peptides. In basic cases, when the problem is not so grave in the physical body, taking 1 carton of peptide in capsule is enough during the course of the 3- month-long treatment. In case of more serious diseases more cartons (1 and maximum 3 cartons) of peptides in capsule might be needed and the recommended dosage is higher. The daily quantity is: 1-2 capsules during meal, depending on the gravity of the disease. The quantities should always be determined based on the given problem.

The above mentioned applications contain only”general” information! Please, contact our competent colleague in every case for personalized opinion and recommendation concerning the suitable use of the products. The contact of our competent colleague is:

It is not recommended quitting the medicines prescribed by a doctor during the treatment course until the desired improvement occurs. Use simultaneously both products. When improvement occurs the dosage could be decreased by half based on doctor’s recommendation. If later new improvement in status is experienced, the other part of the medicine can be left as well. Contact your doctor in every case!

Some further useful information:

  • You should always start the treatment course with liquid peptide and from the 10th day of the cure you should supplement it with peptide in capsule and use it simultaneously after that.
  • The effectiveness of the peptides is highly promoted by the consumption of water of adequate quality and quantity. (The generally recommended adequate quantity of hydration is 2-3 liters per day).
  • The effectiveness of liquid peptides is intensified by the use of supplementary agents (amino-acids, vitamins, micro-agents). The new cell production is not enough; the necessary nutrients should enter to the organism as the new cells need the adequate quantity of nutrients for their function.
  • The peptide-fractions extracted from the tissue of young calves have no animal protein content so the products are suitable also for vegetarians.
  • Sometimes extreme symptoms can be experienced during the use of the products (unexpected, surprising, strange symptoms and feelings). You should not be frightened if changes occur! You should not stop using the products as the uncomfortable symptoms disappear after a short time.
  • You should continue to take the different medicaments used for your diseases. As soon as you experience stable positive changes, the dosage could be reduced according to the ratio of the improved status. The step-by-step approach is very important. In case of cumulated diseases the more acute ones should be started to be recovered first.
  • It is recommended to use the peptides for prevention, to repeat the treatments periodically and to renovate the cells of the given organ area.