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Integrated product which is based on the extracts of dandelion root, artichoke, chondroitin sulfate, and taxifolin.


Regenart / Description

Integrated product which is based on the extracts of dandelion root, artichoke, chondroitin sulfate, and taxifolin. Regenart speeds detoxification processes in the liver, as well as the regeneration of cartilage and joint surfaces whilst improving joint mobility. It is used for arthritis,osteochondrosis, chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract. Prevents the development of liver cirrhosis.

Regenart / Ingredients

Dandelion root extract, chondroitin sulfate,artichoke extract, dihydroquercetin. Other ingredients: potato starch. Recommended as a source of chondroitin taxifolin, phenolic compounds.


2 capsules contain not less than:

Chondroitin - 85 mg, corresponding to 21.3% *

Dihydroquercetin - 7 mg, which corresponds to 28% *

phenolic compounds - 6 mg, or 60% *

* of the recommended daily requirement.

Regenart / Directions

Adults and children over 14 years: 1 capsule 2 times a day during meals.

Main components:

Regenart / Dandelion extract

Корень одуванчика

Dandelion root extract contains monoterpene glycoside - taraxacin. Taraxacin in the human body has two main factors- the impact on the quality of the synovial (synovial) fluid, as a supplier of cartilage in joints and stimulate the production of cartilage tissue regeneration factors in liver cells.

All this is done by accelerating the metabolic processes in the liver. Consequently, Regenart protects and restores joint surfaces by the exchange of two taraxacins trough synovial fluid and blood. As a result, cartilage gets cleaned up and regains its ability to heal itself.

Regenart / Аrtichoke extract


Artichoke extract - contains active substances which protect liver cells from toxins (including nitro compounds, alkaloids, salts of heavy metals, alcohol). Artichoke extract increases the production of coenzyme hepatocytes and influences the metabolism of lipids, cholesterol, and ketone bodies, improves the antitoxic functions in the liver.

Artichoke extract helps digestion, prevents the development of cholecystitis, reduce flatulence and normalizes bowel movement.

Artichoke extract has a diuretic effect; it reduces the levels of nitrogen-containing substances in the blood. Artichoke extract lowers cholesterol levels in blood. It is used for the treatment and prevention of atherosclerosis.

Regenart / Taxifolin

Taxifolin, when added to alcoholic beverages, significantly reduces the damaging effect of alcohol absorption products, reduces hangover, reduces the need for another dose of alcohol and thereby reduces alcohol dependence.

Its ability to reduce high density lipoprotein levels in the blood - the substances that are caused by accumulation of cholesterol. We can consider Taxifolin as a preventive and therapeutic agent against atherosclerosis. Enhancing the stability of the body tissues from the damaging effects of high blood sugar levels caused by taxofolin, provides an opportunity to reduce the probability of diabetes, as well as to ease other forms of it.

The regular use of taxifolin causes a number of reactions of the immune system in the body: on the course of inflammatory processes it proves itself to be anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory that has the ability to reduce the damaging effects of different environmental factors - from industrial pollution and infections to household allergens.

Taxifolin has the ability to prevent normal cells to turn into tumor once and to prevent tumor growth.

Regenart / Chondroitin sulfate

The main cause of the destruction of the articular cartilage is a decrease of chondroitin sulfate. Chondroitin sulfate – is a substance belonging to the category of mucopolysaccharides. It is a major structural component of cartilage. In addition, chondroitin sulfate is involved in the formation of bones, ligaments, and to maintain elasticity of the vascular wall.

Another interesting property of chondroitin sulfate-it is involved in the formation of urinary colloids and prevents the silt of urinary salts, which can be a substratum for the formation of stones in the urinary tract.

Numerous studies have shown that chondroitin sulfate does not only prevent damaging of articular cartilage tissue in osteoarthritis and arthritis, but also contributes to its recovery. While taking chondroitin sulfate, the mobility of joints and spine improves, pain decreases or disappears in joints.

Regenart / Recommended

• degenerative diseases of joints and spine

• chronic toxicity

• chronic hepatitis

• biliary dyskinesia

• reduced liver functions

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Integrated product which is based on the extracts of dandelion root, artichoke, chondroitin sulfate, and taxifolin.

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