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Panaksod / Description



Panaksod is the source of the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD). It improves the functional state and accelerating recovery from standard therapy gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Panaksod ® quickly relieves pain, reduces scarring of the uclear. Effective for other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which are accompanied by an inflammatory syndrome and immune deficiency.


The only product containing ODS in a stable form.

Тhe supplement was approved by clinical trials.

Panaksod / History

Longevity? Start now!

Probably each of us would like to stay active and healthy at any age. What should you do to stay young, beautiful and healthy?

People have always wanted to live forever. In the pursuit of longevity, many were ready for everything to give any money to shed innocent blood, to sell soul to the devil.

For example, the Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di once sent an expedition to the mysterious "country of eternal youth" to the shores of the Eastern Ocean, where according to legend grew "rejuvenating" fruit.

Under the direction of the court physician, a Taoist sage Xu Fu, a few hundred innocent young men and women went in search of eternal life, but did not return back. According to legend, about 460 scientists who tried to dissuade the emperor from this adventure, were buried in the ground alive.

Tyrant emperor led a dissolute life, nothing restricting their desires. In search of eternal youth, he lived only 48 years.

At the same time, there is a legend that the Taoist monks knew the recipe for the elixir of youth - "Kin tan". But you can use it only after special training.

Elixir has its effect only on those who would give up worldly desires, money and power to those who coached his body exercises and meditation. For everyone else, leading an idle life, the magic potion was a terrible poison.

Now, in addition to legends, we have the development of the modern scientists who are working on the issue of longevity. Put forward a lot of theories of aging, but the nature of the defeat so far failed.


Old age: a mistake of nature or rule?

Our planet is changing and aging itself: in place of the seas there are continents and deserts are replaced by forests. All life on Earth has to adapt (adapt) to changing environmental conditions to survive.

Advantage in the struggle for existence is of the view that generation of faster follow each other: the weak - are killed, their place is taken by a stronger and more adapted to the new life.

According to the law of nature, as soon as the body loses its ability to grow, it becomes unnecessary - is aging and dying. People - a unique look. Only we have developed care for the elderly. Nations that keep their "roots", know that old people - carriers of important information, the guardians of life experience and wisdom.

So was born gerontology - the science of aging, age-related diseases on. The main task of Gerontology - to find ways to extend the youth.

Scientists are working hard to ensure a healthy and active life of each of us lasted for as long as possible, a smooth transition in the physiological age - the extinction of all body functions.

In reality, people live much less time allotted to him, because the short period of youth and maturity is quickly replaced by a pathological old age, full of disease, weakness and infirmity. The reason for that - merciless body wear, improper and irrational use it.

"The only way to keep health - there is something that you do not want, drink what you do not like and do not like it" - Mark Twain wrote. It is much easier to wait for the miracle of science - the appearance of a magic "pill of old age" or "miracle elixir" made like unto his hopes the Chinese emperor, and other seekers of easy living.


Cvobodnoradikalnaya theory of aging.

With normal life in the mitochondria of all cells of the body are formed reactive oxygen species - oxidants.

They are needed by the body for biochemical reactions. If due to any cause of free radicals is more than you need, they begin to destroy the mitochondria, DNA, RNA, and cell membranes.

To protect the cells from damage by active radicals in the mitochondria formed a special enzyme - superoxide dismutase. Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is a key enzyme in the range of antioxidant proteins carrying the protective function of the microorganism from the damaging effect of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Interest in the antioxidant enzymes due to the increased popularity of antioxidants in general, as tools that can counteract the aging process of skin on the mechanism of inhibition of free-radical oxidation. A detailed study of the molecular mechanisms of pathological reactions involving oxygen radicals led to the emergence of a new direction in medicine, pharmacology, cosmetics - the development and use of drugs - anti-oxidants.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) - an antioxidant enzyme, whose main task is to monitor the level of oxygen free radicals, the excess of the physiological significance of which could cause significant damage to DNA, proteins, and lipids.

First superoxide dismutase has been isolated from bovine red blood cells and bovine liver Mann and Keilin in 1939, and was named gemokuprein (eritrokuprein) and gepatokuprein, respectively. A common feature of these proteins is the presence of copper, which imparts a concentrated protein solution emerald hue (Figure 1), and freeze-dried preparation - a bluish tint (Fig. 2). The difference in name is due, first of all, the source of origin of the enzyme. Subsequently, (1969), part of the protein was suggested name which reflects its biological function, namely on the basis of the detected and Fridovich MkKordom properties eritrokupreina catalytically dismutirovat superoxide radicals to form oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, the enzyme was named superoxide dismutase. The name specifies a class of these proteins, as hereinafter superksiddismutaza was isolated, containing the active site metal ions other: Mn, Fe, Co.

Superoxide dismutase is ubiquitous in all organisms that consume oxygen, with particularly high intracellular concentration. Total SOD in human body about 6 grams, particularly in the liver - 1.8 g, 0.9 g of a light in erythrocytes - 0.3 g in contrast to the extracellular space SOD is present in very small amounts ( in human serum, 0.00012 g), so that the body is vulnerable to damaging effects of superoxide radicals, when they are formed in the intercellular space in the larger amount. Exogenous SOD normalizes oxidative processes involving free radicals of oxygen, increasing the level of which is observed in various pathological conditions. SOD acts on the key stages of diseases of different nature (viral and bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases, diseases of the central nervous system, radiation damage, etc.). The unique anti-inflammatory properties of SOD give scope to create drugs based on SOD and applying them in rheumatology, cardiology, ophthalmology, hepatology, gastroenterology, cosmetology.

Relevant issues are the source selection highlight SOD justify its amount to achieve the protective effect and ways to stabilize the enzyme in the drugs, dietary supplements, cosmetics.

SOD is widespread in the nature of the enzyme. Distinguish it from the tissues and blood of animals, human blood, from plants and microorganisms. However, we compare the efficiency of release of SOD from different sources. For example, to produce 1 g of highly purified SOD (Fig. 2) would require more than a ton of cucumbers, tomatoes and other plant products, or 20 kg of red blood cells in human blood or 6 kg of bovine liver. To make the process more efficient, scientists around the world to include in their SOD-containing compositions of recombinant human SOD. For the production company Panaksoda "Vita" applies Cu, Zn-SOD person for 1 g of which developers use only 0.2 kg of highly productive recombinant materials.

SOD can assume very "technological" enzyme, since the latter may be included in various composition and consistency of the composition, soaking effect is quite high temperatures (60 °), ethyl alcohol (50%), while retaining its activity in a wide range of pH (4 - 10).

However, the choice of such a successful source of SOD in creating Badal Panaksod for VITA - is only half the battle. The main limitations in creating dietary supplements with SOD, as well, and any other enzyme inactivation caused noticeable when it enters the stomach, the pH of the medium is less than 2.


In the pharmaceutical industry all over the world with some 50 years of the last century to protect labile drug substances from the destructive action of gastric contents were widely apply the so-called acid-or enteric coating of tablets and capsules. In this case, numerous studies have demonstrated the efficacy of such protection. Such coatings are used in the art almost all formulations containing digestive enzymes.

However, the development of compositions and some of these technologies (Solizim, Somilaza, etc. triaza 1976-1987 - see MD Mashkovsky medicaments), it was found that at the stage of preclinical toxicity studies and efficacy of a drug having problems associated with the inability oral tablet or capsule dosage form into the body because of the small rodents blocked esophagus.

Then microgranulation method was developed using these enzymes atsidorezistentnyh polymers evenly dissolve for 1 h in the medium the content of the small intestine. From the use of such technology was developed enzyme-state registration of medicines.

During the development of food supplements "Panaksod" to protect against superoxide inactivating its actions zheludochnogno juice used the same technology microgranulation, and, in fact, encapsulating, by incorporating it into a matrix of enteric polymers.

Previously presented stability data confirmed "ODS stabilized" when finding it over 1 h in an artificial gastric juice and its release (determined activity) in the artificial intestinal juice.


As the material providing a substance imparting enteric properties, we used polyacrylates firm "Colorcon" used in pharmacy to give tablets acid resistance of certain drugs and by Gammerstenu casein is dissolved in water only at a pH value of 6, which corresponds to the condition of the small intestine person. In conditions of the stomach contents and insoluble casein SOD protects from inactivating action of the acid and pepsin.


Fig.1 concentrated solutions (50 mg / ml) Cu, Zn-SOD person. Each vial contains 25 grams of highly purified SOD.




Figure 2 Freeze-dried high-purity human superoxide dismutase. Quantity - 2 years


Panaksod / Ingredients

microcrystalline cellulose, sugar, SOD stabilized, starch, biomass ginseng, rutin, nicotinamide, polyoxyethylene sorbitan.


Recommended as: source routine, nicotinamide, has panaksozidy and superoxide dismutase.

An additional source of the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD), which improves functional status and accelerating recovery in the standard therapy of duodenal ulcer.


The action is confirmed by clinical trials in FSI "422 GPB name ZP Soloviev" and a certificate of conformity.

ROSS number RU.3387.04IV00.01.N00031 from 31.08.2011


The daily dose (4 capsules) contains:

Routine - 30%

nicotinamide - 40%

* Of the recommended daily requirement.

Panaksod / Directions

Adults: 1 capsule 3-4 times a day, morning and afternoon during meals. The duration of the course is 2-3 weeks. Recommended in a combination with peptide bioregulators.

Panaksod / Superoxide dismutase

SODSuperoksiddismutaza (SOD) refers to a group of antioxidant enzymes. Together with catalase and other antioxidant enzymes, it protects the body from ever forming highly toxic oxygen radicals. Superoxide dismutase catalyses the dismutation of superoxide into oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. Thus, it plays a crucial role in cellular antioxidant defense almost all cells, or otherwise in contact with oxygen.

SOD - an enzyme that provides a secure existence of the human body in an oxygen atmosphere, turning (dismutiruya) superoxide radicals in a less toxic compound has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect. Protective effect of ionizing radiation, prevents the formation of free radicals in the body's cells, neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation and chemotherapy in cancer patients.

Panaksod / Biomass ginseng

Bioantioksidantny complex (RF patent number 2,095,052) isolated from raw biomass ginseng - an additional agent that is in the body induces the production of endogenous soda.

Panaksod / Rutin

Rutin, quercetin-3-rutinoside, an organic compound from the group of flavonoids, whose molecule is formed by flavones quercetin and disaccharide rutinose. Contained in the leaves of rue and the tea bush, in buckwheat and other plants. Has vitamin activity, regulates the permeability of capillaries. Normalizes capillary permeability, anti-inflammatory action and a big P-vitamin activity.

Panaksod / Nicotinamide

Nicotinamide reduces the incidence of type I diabetes more than 50%. Osteoarthritis. Nicotinamide also reduces pain and improves joint mobility in osteoarthritis. Other state. Like niacin, nicotinamide has a mild sedative effect and is useful in treating a variety of emotional and psychological disorders, including anxiety, depression, decreased attention, alcoholism and schizophrenia. In high doses, it acts as an antioxidant and in vitro studies on cell cultures was active against a virus HIV16.

Panaksod / Recommended

• during standard therapy of gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer

• gastritis

• to complete the destruction of Helicobacter pylori

• diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

• during any course of peptide bioregulators

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